Medieval Texts in Transit

21. - 22.07.2017

Tagung des Teilprojekts B01 „Artefakte, Schätze und Ruinen – Materialität und Geschichtlichkeit in der Literatur des englischen Mittelalters“ (Leitung: Prof. Dr. A. J. Johnston) in Kooperation mit Miriam Edlich-Muth (Freie Universität Berlin) und dem Centre for Medieval Literature der Universitäten Odense und York.

Do we overestimate the impact that the transient socio-political and formal linguistic borders of Western Europe had on the literary culture of the pre-nation state era?

While most current scholarship acknowledges the porous borders of medieval Europe, we continue to think in the context of linguistic and political borders when considering the circulation of texts, using national language categories and political ‘landmarks’ as fixed points by which to structure our understanding of how medieval texts were disseminated. This conference invites scholars to re-examine such discourses of separation, and consider the case for continuity in the language, content or imagery of medieval texts and stories that were adapted and refashioned in different regions.

Kontakt: Dr. Miriam Edlich-Muth, muth.miriam[at]gmail.com

Zeit & Ort

21. - 22.07.2017

SFB-Villa, Sitzungsraum, Schwendenerstraße 8, 14195 Berlin-Dahlem