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des Teilprojekts A03 „Der Transfer medizinischer Episteme in den 'enzyklopädischen' Sammelwerken der Spätantike“, Leitung: Prof. Dr. Philip van der Eijk / Prof. Dr. Markham J. Geller

  • EABS research unit "Medicine in Bible and Talmud": The group focuses on medical ideas and healing practices in the Bible and Rabbinic sources, as well as in the healing texts and magico-medical passages of the New Testament and in the apocrypha. Furthermore, one may suggest that all these sources adapted and/ or appropriated earlier and contemporary medical knowledge that prevailed in their surroundings, be it from ancient Babylonian, Egyptian, Graeco- Roman or Syriac traditions or knowledge systems. The group will address the complex and often subtler processes of reception, adaptation and production of (secular or scientific) medical knowledge in the transformative period of (Late) Antiquity. Particular attention will be paid also to the interplay between form and content. In which way did specific hermeneutics (Listenwissenschaft/ encyclopaedism/ linguocentrism/ exegesis) not only serve as a ‘channel’ for transmission or seal for authority but also as a method for acquiring knowledge? An analysis of these specific ways of appropriation of medical ideas and practices will help to grasp the particular cultural or religious (Mesopotamian, Jewish, Christian, Graeco-Roman) character of the epistemologies and the knowledge generated through these exchanges. (Markham J. Geller, Lennart Lehmhaus)

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