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Studying the Middle East


Dozent/inProf. Dr. Beatrice Gründler; Prof. Dr. Lukas Mühlethaler
SemesterWintersemester 2020/2021
Veranstaltungsumfang2 SWS

Mo 16:00–18:00


The online lecture course is taught by the faculty of all disciplines participating in ISME. It offers in-depth, interdisciplinary insights into the Near and Middle East as a field of research, as a region and as a space of cultural production. A variety of phenomena including language, cultural history, religion, and traditions of knowledge are up for discussion, especially regarding paradigms with historical implications, such as identity, gender, cultures of memory, nationalism, modernization, exile. The scope of the lecture encompasses various historical periods and geographical regions as well as present research trends. The lecture course consists of weekly lectures (pre-recorded or live through Webex), weekly online discussion sessions, and online joint sessions. In addition, there will a weekly reading assigned. The lecture course is closely coordinated with the methods course (in the same module).