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Project B04

The Knowledge of Art. Epistemic and Aesthetic Evidentia in the Renaissance

The project focuses on the knowledge of art in the Renaissance and examines one of the Collaborative Research Center’s (SFB) central fields of concern in an exemplary fashion, namely the question of the relevance of media for historical re-configurations of existing knowledge or the evolution of new knowledge. The project will investigate the conditions of production, accu­mulation and transfer of knowledge that pertain specifically to the media in an age which is distinguished by its manifold innovations in the fields of content, theory, technique and aesthetics in the visual arts.

A list of publications and events organized by the project can be accessed on the German CRC 980 website.



Project staff

Student assistant

Former staff members

Dr. Fabiana Cazzola

Former staff member (B04)

Dr. Fabiana Cazzola

Imke Wartenberg

Former staff member (B04)