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Project A06

Alchemia poetica. Chemical Knowledge and Poetry around 1600

The subject of the project are (al-)chemical texts from around 1550 to 1650, that use narrative, allegorical and figurative devices. Leading questions are the epistemic status these poetic devices, the role they play in the transfer of (al-)chemical knowledge and the ‚added value‘ they constitute within this transfer. The aim is not only a complex description of these devices but also the sharpening of a concept of poetry that describes early modern poetry as a form of epistemic transfer.

A list of publications and events organized by the project can be accessed on the German CRC 980 website.



Project staff

Student assistant

Former staff members

Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt

Former head of project (A06)

Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt

Isabel von Holt

Former staff member (A06)