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Dr. Islam Dayeh

„The Analytical Method of Diaresis in Islamic Theology“, First meeting of the Analytical Islamic Theology Working Group, Templeton Foundation and Kalam Research & Media, Dubai, 03.–04.05.2014.

„Is there Takhyil in the Qur’an? Exegesis and Literary Criticism in Twentieth-Century Cairo“, Konferenz Claiming Tradition: Modern Re-Readings of the Classical Islamic Heritage, Pembroke College, Oxford, 27.–28.09.2013.

„Aspects of Pre-Modern Islamic Antiquarianism“, Workshop Was there ‘Antiquarianism’ in the Medieval Islamic World?, Berlin, 30.05.2013.

„The Qur’anic Polemic Against Animal Sacrifice. A Close Reading of Surat al-An’am (Q6)“, Konferenz The Return to Origins: The Qur’an’s reformation of Judaism and Christianity, University of Nottingham, 20.–21.01.2013.

(mit Prashant Keshavmurthy), „The flower of Arabic philology and its Persian fruit: Siraj al-din Ali Khan Arzu’s (d.1756) appropriation in his ‘Musmir’ of Jalal al-din al-Suyuti’s (d. 1505) Al-Muzhir“, 22nd Conference of the European Association of South Asian Studies, 25.–28.07.2012.