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Investigations into the transmission of selected medical concepts in the 'encyclopedic' collections of late antiquity

Subproject by Dr. Annette Heinrich

According to the general research focus of the SFB 980 on dynamics of premodern knowledge, this subproject aims to investigate the compilations of medical knowledge in late antiquity and the efforts of the compilers to create valid medical-scientific systems based on tradition. At any stage of history, occurring diseases and medical treatment always deeply influence all levels of human social structures. Consequently it is worth investigating how compilers aimed to lend stability and practicability to an eminently dynamic epistemic legacy and how ancient knowledge was linked to new contexts in the process of epitomization of ancient traditional medical knowledge. Synergically with parallel projects in SFB area A03, this project examines the way in which knowledge was structured in the late antique medical encyclopedias. The project also intends to pursue the scientific development of underlying medical concepts, of medical treatment or specific medical phenomena.