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Investigations into the compilation technique of Oribasius of Pergamum

Subproject by Maria Börno

The subproject is dedicated to the earliest of the late antique compilers, Oribasius of Pergamum. Through individual case studies, his compilation technique and handling of sources will be analyzed, with a particular focus on Galen, as his texts have come down to us independently of late antique compilations. Particular attention will be paid to the so-called Libri incerti, which cannot be assigned to any specific book of the Collectiones medicae but are transmitted under the name of Oribasius. Does the approach to selecting source texts, to epitomizing and excerpting, and finally assembling them to form a new text differ in these chapters from the other (preserved) books of the Collectiones? For the presentation of my research results, I strive to find new graphical representations in order to make Oribasius's compilation technique more easily comprehensible for both the philological specialist audience and those interested from other disciplines.