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Canon and Memory. Confucian Classics in Confucian Academies

Project by PD Dr. Vladimír Glomb

The educational curriculum of Confucian academies was based on the exegesis of the Confucian classics. Although the changes in this exegesis are known on a general level, the actual process of change has not yet been described for individual academies and different time periods. Transformations of academy examinations, lectures, and discussions promise concrete insight into the protocols and strategies through which knowledge and talent of academy members was evaluated, sanctioned, or rejected. Contact and conflict between philological practices (textual exegesis of the classics) and philosophical and ideological claims of the academy authorities (new currents of thought, transformation of traditions, style) brought changes in the negotiated knowledge. The subproject examines the transfer of knowledge through concrete examination and lecture protocols from a philological and philosophical perspective, with a special focus on the interaction between knowledge of the language of the classics (Chinese) and the vernacular language used in the academies (Korean).