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Project C01: Transfer of Apocryphal Knowledge through Translation in Ancient Christianity (and Judaism)

Head: Prof. Dr. Christoph Markschies, Seminar for the History of Christianity, HUB
(Disciplines: Protestant Theology / History of Christianity)

Project C02 (2012–2016): Asceticism in Motion: Forms and Transfer of Habitualized Knowledge in Antiquity and Late Antiquity

Head: Prof. Dr. Almut-Barbara Renger, Institute for the Scientific Study of Religion, FUB
(Discipline: Study of Religion)

Project C03 (2012–2016): Interaction and Change in Oriental Legal Systems. The Transfer of Normative Knowledge as Exemplified by Zoroastrian and Islamic Law (Seventh to Eleventh Centuries)

Head: Prof. Dr. Maria Macuch, Institute of für Iranian Studies, FUB
(Disciplines: Iranian Studies / Islamic Studies)

Project C04 (2012–2020): Epistemic Dissonances. Objects and Tools of Early Modern Acoustics

Head: Prof. Dr. Viktoria Tkaczyk, Planck-Institute for the History of Science / Institute for Cultural Studies, HUB
(Disciplines: Cultural Studies / Media Studies / History of Science)

Project C06: Transfer and Overlap. Configurations of Knowledge in the Era of the Greek Homines Novi in the Ottoman Empire (1641–1769)

Head: Prof. Dr. Miltos Pechlivanos, Institute of Greek and Latin Languages and Literatures, FUB
(Discipline: Modern Greek Studies)

Project C07 (2012–2016): Early Modernities in East Asia: Current Debates on the Origins of Modernity

Head: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Conrad, Friedrich Meinecke-Institute, FUB
(Disciplines: History / Global History)

Project C08: Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages: Reconfigurations of Vernacularity in the Early Modern Period

Head: Prof. Dr. Horst Simon, Institute of German and Dutch Languages and Literatures, FUB
(Disciplines: Historical Linguistics / German Studies)

Project C09: Evaluations of Knowledge in Confucian Academies

Head: Prof. Dr. Eun-Jeung Lee, Seminar of East Asian Studies, FUB
(Discipline: Korean Studies)

Project C10: Verses and Sayings. Impetus and Range of Scholarly and Popularising Discourses in the Arabic World

Head: Prof. Dr. Beatrice Gründler, Seminar for Semitic and Arabic Studies, FUB
(Discipline: Arabic Studies)