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Systematisation of concepts of elusive, vague and revelatory knowledge

Subproject by Dr. Şirin Dadaş

The project focuses on the systematisation and comparative theorisation of different kinds of the elusive, vague, apophatic, cryptic and revelatory knowledge. It aims to develop nuanced ways of determining figural modes of knowledge, thereby complementing the joint work of Project B08 by providing an overarching methodological and theoretical framework. In order to do so, it will be necessary to arrive at a more precise conceptualisation of the aesthetic configurations of the various modes of elusive, vague, or revelatory knowledge, modes whose forms depend on the specific material context and medial representation. These will then be set in relation to other epistemic modes. To this end, it will be necessary to determine the various textual structures and rhetorical strategies, as well as the dynamics of intertextual and intermedial references, and to more clearly define the designs, staging practices, and aesthetic framing procedures of the different arts. In this, the objective of the subproject is linked to Collaborative Research Centre’s aim of developing a logbook of knowledge that also takes into account neglected concepts of premodern knowledge.