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Forms of physiognomic and pathognomic Experimentation in Leonardo da Vinciʼs Drawings

Subproject by Dr. Fabiana Cazzola

This project focuses on the so-called „Grotesque Heads“ and other profile-sketches Leonardo da Vinciʼs in order to analyse forms of “visual knowledge of”. The project caters on the one hand to a represented figurative-visual expression of affect respectively on the mental state embodied by facial mimic and on the other hand on the specific medial presence of the picture. Concerning the process of drawing this shall be illustrated using the example of the line. The project pursues the relation of aesthetic evidence, line(s) and knowledge, whereupon the evidence-production of the drawing-lines determines decisively the complex entanglement of affective and epistemic dimension of the image. The line becomes therefore a genuine form of visual knowledge. The main interest of this project is in the mark of visual knowledge by drawing experimentation with reproduction of affect.