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Project A07

Erotema. The Question as an Epistemic Genre in the Learned Societies and the Periodical Press of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

The project sets out to explore how learned societies and learned journals of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries made use of questions to facilitate debates about knowledge. We are particularly interested in the role journals played in the prize competitions organized by academies throughout Europe as well as in question-and-answer formats that prompted conversations between journal editors and the reading public. These two lines of investigation will shed light on a constellation which subjected the long-standing tradition of the question to a significant transformation.

A list of publications and events organized by the project can be accessed on the German CRC 980 website.



Project staff

Student assistant


Dr. Kathryn Murphy

Fellow January – April 2015 (A07)

Project: Aristotle and the English Imagination: Knowledge and Experience in Early Modern English Prose


Prof. Dr. Arjan van Dixhoorn

Fellow June 2019 (A07)

Project: The Historiography of Learned/Literary Societies


Dr. Kirill Abrosimov

Fellow October – December 2017 (A07)

Project: Wissensordnungen der Aufklärung und ihre Medien


Former staff members

Oliver Gent

Former staff member (A07)