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Project A06

Alchemia poetica. Chemical Knowledge and Poetry around 1600

The project’s main focus is on the works of Michael Maier (especially the Atalanta fugiens, 1618) and Johann Valentin Andreae’s Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz (Chymische Hochzeit Christiani Rosenkreutz, 1616). The aim is to examine the (al)chemical knowledge found in these texts and the forms in which this knowledge is transmitted, in particular its encryption through references to ancient mythology, through enigmas and emblems. The project will also investigate the way these works employ more recent strategies of transfer made possible through the introduction of printing, their strategies of authorisation and their relation to the emerging genre of chemical textbooks. 

A list of publications and events organized by the project can be accessed on the German CRC 980 website.



Project staff

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Former staff members

Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt

Former head of project (A06)

Prof. Dr. Peter-André Alt

Isabel von Holt

Former staff member (A06)


Jost Eickmeyer

Former staff member (A06 – Parental Leave Replacement)

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Dr. Simon Zeisberg

Former staff member (A06)

Simon Zeisberg (promoviert)