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Aristotelian transfer of knowledge in Byzantine manuscripts

Subproject by PD Dr. Michael Krewet

In a first step, the aim of the subproject is to describe the requirements for tracing knowledge transfers using the example of scholia in Byzantine Aristotelian manuscripts with the help of digital research infrastructures. In a second step, the research of knowledge transfers in Byzantine Aristotelian manuscripts will be tested with the help of the digital infrastructures newly created in the INF project. A particular focus will be on the reciprocal and knowledge-economic interdependencies of knowledge transfers that are central to the CRC. To this end, scholia from more than 50 de interpretatione manuscripts on selected passages of Aristotle's text will be transcribed and added to the digital research infrastructure. The number of scholia on de interpretatione is enormous, their interrelationships with each other - and thus the knowledge transfers documented in the transmission of the scholia on de interpretatione - are highly complex and have not yet been researched, so that the establishment and use of digital infrastructures for the purpose of researching them should enable progress in this field of research.