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Sound Reconstruction of Old Egyptian

Sound Reconstruction of Old Egyptian. Image credits: Armin Hempel

Listen to the sound of Old Egyptian using the phonetic reconstruction of Pyramid Text 262 from the burial chamber of Ankhesenpepi II, Saqqara (Egypt).

This recording is based on the phonetic reconstruction of Pyramid Text 262 by Dr. Roman Gundacker, lecturer at the University of Vienna and Egyptologist at the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Institute of Oriental and European Archaeology (current projects: "Untersuchungen zur Nominalkomposition des Ägyptischen" (APART Grant) and "'Challenging Time(s)' - A New Approach to Written Sources for Ancient Egyptian Chronology" (ERC Starting Grant).

The recording was realized as part of the episode "Das verschwundene Pyramidenfragment" of the podcast project "Hinter den Dingen. 5000 Jahre Wissensgeschichte zum Mitnehmen und Nachhören" in German. The episode is about CRC-Egyptologist Stephan Hartlepp's search  for the origins of a pyramid fragment.  

Recitation of Pyramid Text 262: Anne Hartleib