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Figural Knowledge – Mediality, Aesthetics, and Materiality of Knowledge in the Pre-Modern Period

Jul 02, 2015 - Jul 04, 2015

Annual Conference of the Collaborative Research Centre 980 “Episteme in Motion. Transfer of Knowledge from the Ancient World to the Early Modern Period”, conceptualized and organized by the research group “Depiction and Materiality”, chaired by Anne Eusterschulte and Klaus Krüger

at Bode-Museum Berlin

Referring to the term figura and its rhetorical-poetological, theologico-philosophical implications as well as those pertaining to the theory of art, music, and literature, the conference will assess concepts of knowledge conceived of as figural in late antiquity, the
middle ages, as well as the early modern period.

By asking about the specific configurations of figural knowledge in the pre-modern, the conference focuses on the medial constitution and material implementation of an inventory of knowledge. What is constitutive of figural knowledge, which manners of cognizance are connected to it, which medial and material conditions are the development as well as change of this inventory of knowledge subject to? And how can we grasp the aesthetic dimensions of the constitution and transfer of knowledge more precisely in recourse to the idea of the figural? The international conference will address these questions regarding the term figura from a transdisciplinary perspective, and will discuss how the term can be made productive for a history of knowledge in the pre-modern period.


In cooperation with Staatliche Museen zu Berlin:

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Members of the committee: Mira Becker, Fabiana Cazzola, Anne Eusterschulte, Jan-Peer Hartmann, Kristiane Hasselmann, Iris Helffenstein, Klaus Krüger, Almut-Barbara Renger, Tilo Renz, Ulrike Schneider, Ursula Ziegler

Contact: info@sfb-episteme.de

Time & Location

Jul 02, 2015 - Jul 04, 2015

Bode-Museum, Gobelinsaal, Visitor Entrance, Am Kupfergraben, 10117 Berlin