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Phanariot Knowledge Transfer in Context

Apr 11, 2024 - Apr 12, 2024

International workshop organized by the research project C06 “Transfer and Overlap. Configurations of Knowledge in the Era of the Greek Homines Novi in the Ottoman Empire (1641–1769)”

The workshop is designed to round off the series of workshops organized by the project in the past years, which were dedicated to the diverse branches of knowledge and knowledge transfers in the intellectual and cultural context of the early Phanariot elite (https://www.sfb-episteme.de/teilprojekte/handeln/C06/Workshops/index.html). It aims to explore in what ways the project’s research results (Miltos Pechlivanos, Kostas Sarris, Nikolas Pissis) relate to, confirm, expand or challenge the state of the art on the field of the history of knowledge in Ottoman Southeastern Europe and to mark out perspectives of further research and cooperation.

Thus, the workshop brings together specialists particularly of Ottoman as well as Romanian history in order to discuss the broader historical, spatial and cultural contexts of Phanariot knowledge in motion. Beginning with the founder of the Mavrokordatos’ dynasty, the Grand Dragoman Alexandros-İskerletzâde, the workshop will host papers examining him foremost as an Ottoman dignitary (Μüberra Kapusuz, Konstantinos Poulios). Both his son and successor, Nikolaos, and the latter’s son, Konstantinos, acquaintance with Islamic book culture, as well as their positioning in current debates in the Ottoman and Western European milieus will be the subject of papers investigating their erudite activities (Nir Shafir, Nikos Panou). The contextualization of Alexandros, Nikolaos and Konstantinos Mavrokordatos in the cultural and political setting of the Danubian Principalities will be adressed by Ovidiu Olar and Radu G. Păun.

Moreover, the workshop intends to expand its focus onto the aftermath of the Mavrokordatos-dynasty’s ascendancy and onto the “Phanariot century” as a whole. To this purpose it will host contributions on cultural transfers in late eighteenth-century Phanariot courts (Constanţa Vintilă), on perceptions and assessments of the Mavrokordatos-dynasty in Romanian writings up to the early nineteenth-century (Konrad Petrovszky) as well as on the contribution of the first Mavorkordati in the formation of the “Phanariot complex” that prevailed from mid-eighteenth century up to the Greek Revolution of 1821 (Christine Philliou).

Time & Location

Apr 11, 2024 - Apr 12, 2024

Collaborative Research Center “Episteme in Motion”
Freie Universität Berlin
Schwendenerstraße 8
14195 Berlin-Dahlem
Conference room